Wish List

This is a list of furniture and equipment that we would like to have at the school. If you have these things and they are in usable shape, your donation would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for thinking of Three Rivers Village School.

Items in bold are especially desired.

Outdoor Work/Play                  

  • sporting equipment
  • camping gear
  • buckets
  • logs
  • compost

Art Materials

  • poster frames
  • wood shop tools
  • drawing paper

Furniture & Fixtures

  • lamps
  • house plants (green is good)
  • shelving units (lockers, cubbies, book shelves, cabinets, totes, etc.)
  • sturdy tables
  • couches
  • work bench
  • carpet and rugs

Audiovisual Equipment

  • a Mac computer
  • headphones
  • small guitar amplifier
  • drum kit
  • boom box
  • CD player


  • Oscilloscope
  • office supplies (pens, tape, Staples gift certificate, etc)
  • lumber
  • treated lumber
  • plywood
  • glow in the dark wall stars



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