Similar Schools

Sudbury and Democratic Schools Directory has a list of similar schools across the US and around the world.

Here are some links to a few schools that inspired the creation of Three Rivers Village School. Every school is different in big and small ways, but reading about these schools could help you to better understand the idea of a democratic, or “free” school.

  • The Circle School in Harrisburg, PA was founded in 1984. After a number of years, they adopted many of the practices of the Sudbury Valley School (see below).  K-12.
  • The Free School in Albany, NY was founded in 1969. It is is the longest running inner-city independent alternative school in the United States. K-8.
  • Sudbury Valley School in Framingham, MA has a huge selection of general information, essays, audio, and videos on their website. K-12.
  • The Philly Free School is located at the other end of our state. It was founded in 2012. K-12.

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